Thursday, May 22, 2014


(Ali) Banos offered so many different activities such as walking, hiking, canyoning, rafting and even just walking in the village. My favourite thing about Banos was biking up a pathway in order to reach a waterfall. The bike ride there was very scenic, and we made a few stops in order to ride a gondola near a waterfall. We saw a different type of animal called Sponge; I think it was a type of raccoon, but who really knows. Once we reached the waterfall, I was amazed. I have never seen a waterfall so close before and climbing into really tight crevices was an adventure to say the least. Since I am very tall, it was very funny to have to roll in order to see the waterfall up close. I was actually impressed that so many different types of people were making the difficult climb to the waterfall. I witnessed children and elderly people make the climb which was surprising since the climb was even difficult for me. I have grown up in many major cities where seeing nature was rare, which have made me crave the wilderness. I enjoy its silence and marvel. Another amazing part of the trip was the hot springs. I imagined hot springs to be a stream in the middle of the mountain where I could swim, but it turns out it was in a place similar to a swimming pool. At first I wanted to leave because people were swimming in such close proximity and the idea of personal space was absolutely void. Yet once I entered the water, it was amazing.  The water was incredibly hot, which was very relaxing. I had an amazing time with Jen who was with me through cold and hot.  Overall it was an amazing unforgettable trip. 

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