Thursday, May 8, 2014

FIrst Day of School

Quito is a city of contrasts and change. It is referred to by locals as the "carita de dios"- god's face; when he is sad it rains, when he is happy the sun shines. It can rain in the north, hail in the west and be sunny in the south. As we travel around the city from place to place, changes can be seen unfolding in front of us. New roads, new hospitals, new police stations and new schools. Our first Monday we had a tour of the three schools we will be working in for the rest of the month, Humberto Mata, Cotocollao and Calderon. The first two schools were small, laid back and seemed very nice.

The new school, Calderon, was opened in the past year and is a school of the millennium. Our tour was guided with enthusiasm and pride- computer labs, projectors, a pool and "baby" bathrooms! This 1800 student school is one of many built throughout the country and is truly amazing. Our first day of classes proved eventful. The students told us about their old schools and how many of them have come to study together in their last years of high school. It will be an adventure to work here for the rest of the month!

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  1. I hope that "la carita de dios" treats you well while you make it your home. I think you have a great opportunity to learn about Latin America from a different perspective - the Educational system.

    Good luck my fellow latina.