Thursday, May 8, 2014


Our first week in Quito is slowly coming to an end. I have been assigned to the Humberto Mata Martinez highschool where I have been following the English teacher around for the past three days. The students are wonderful and are easily one of the best part of this trip. They spent a whole class asking us questions about our lives in Canada and the things we like and dislike. The last class we met even sang us songs and read us poems. They are such warm and friendly people. The class dynamic in Quito is very different than in Canada. Here in Quito, the students must pay five cents for every page of a test before they can take the test. The students stand when they address the class and answer questions. They also stand when the teacher enters room. They remain standing until they are seated by the teacher. It is all very interesting. I cannot wait to spend more time with these kids.

Stay classy Winnipeg,

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  1. I really happy to hear your students are curious about learning more about Canada and the way that we live. Let's make this an even relationship and learn more about Ecuador and the way people live here.

    Thanks for your post!