Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pablo's Journey

I am in the middle of the jungle, and my feet are bleeding. All I see is spots in front of my eyes, and hear the night.  It’s raining and I just close my eyes hoping the sound will drown away my thoughts. Last night, I was in my bed. I was reading a book “Crime against Humanity”, when my dad came in to wish me good night. As he left my bedroom door, I heard a sound outside our house. Men yelling in harsh voices, and a knock on our door. I slipped out of my bed, and crept to the door and opened it slowly. There were men in our living room, and I could hear my dad talking to them in a low scared voice. My dad is a very large man who usually intimidates people, not gets intimidated. I could hear a sound coming up the stairs, very softly. I thought I was imagining it.  My mom came into my room, with the palest face I’ve seen. I heard gunshots downstairs, at the same time; she gave me something in my hand, and said one word “run”. I crawled out of my window, and ran into the jungle. My mom had always told me if something happened and the Guerillas come, to follow a path in the jungle that would lead me to my distant relatives in Ecuador. I found some dry leaves, and put my head down. All I could see was my father as he was wishing me goodnight. I closed my eyes and wondered if I’d ever see him again.


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