Monday, May 12, 2014

llama face.

We have all had a variety of New experiences in our schools over the last week. Learning lots and seeing what the education system is like in another country. It's quite different from the schools I've been in back home, and in a way almost refreshing. Students are all very confident and comfortable talking in front of the class, the all laugh with each other and with very well together. The classroom dynamic is quite different, and learning is controlled by the teacher rather than the clock like back home.

We have been teaching grammar rules to our classes, and taking time to talk about Canada. The students were very excited to see a map of Canada and pictures of animals and landscapes that we brought to share. They had a lot of questions for us and were very eager to learn about our home.

Possibly my favorite activity we have done outside of class was taking a gondola ride up a mountain to get a view of Quito. It was here that we also came face to face with some llama friends.

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