Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oh Canada

Oh Canada

Oh Canada with your summer days and polar nights
Representing the true north with a southern face
Our safe haven, our home away from home
Although- not as cozy as we would have liked..

Oh Canada we love you with your latin flare,
Your southern glow.
We want to know more about you, about your compassion
Your cool friendship.
You barter and trade, your hearts are large but,
In proper Canadian style, cool and distant-
Cautious and calculated

Oh Canada you've opened your homes and your hearts to those less fortunate
Taking pity on those who could never stay here,
Those who need refuge from the storm
As the Magdalena river runs red,
Colombians arrive one by one, two by two
Until the boarders are overflowing into the valley of Pichincha,
causing the carita de dios to shed tears of sorrow,
Washing the Quito of its grime, letting new sun shine down on a new life

Oh Canada, we are happy you've made friends,
You've wrapped yourself in red, blue, yellow
colours plastered on the sides of buildings, walls;
Swishing in the cool afternoon breeze
Ecuador is a temptress who sings to us in the night
Come dance in the street, drink and be merry
But careful- Ecuador is harsh and firm when you betray her
Seven others have learned that devastating lesson
Destined to live up the mountain, with cool nights and
glacier water splashing down as the scrub off their sentences

Oh Canada, we thank you for allowing us a glimpse into of your life,
Your camaraderie with Ecuador
We too have made a new friend in her which, with the passing of time
may blossom into a rose red romance
As we find our centre at the the middle of the world.

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