Thursday, May 8, 2014

No way, I'm in Ecuador!

             In less than a week I have fallen in love with the city of Quito, with all its beautiful sites and loving people. Although the days are long and exhausting, I have yet to feel completely overwhelmed …and that is of course thanks to my wonderful group members!

              One of my favorite touristy adventures we've been on this week, was to the presidents palace downtown. When the current president, Rafael Correa, became president in 2007 he decided that the riches of Ecuador should be shared with the people, so the gates were opened and tours through the palace began. I think this idea of equality in riches and the wellbeing of the community really speaks to Ecuador's character as a whole. They are a people full of warmth; the teacher I'm working alongside, at Calderon, says that "we are poor but happy."

But there are still some things about Ecuador that will take some getting used to…
  • Putting toilet paper in the garbage not toilet
  • No toilet paper in stalls- you better grab it before you go in or else your searching your purse for napkins or flyers
  • Using bottled water to brush your teeth
  • Students are extremely confident.. They have no problem asking if you are married or are single…or if they can have your phone number
  • Getting lots of kisses on the cheek from students and teachers
  • Living with strangers (although that one hasn't been tough because they have all turned out to be awesome roomies!)

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  1. The presidential palace is one of my favourite sites too! I think the fact that president Correa has made that place a public space where all Ecuadorians can learn about their country speaks to the way in which he thinks of him self as a public servant. Many times in the history of Latin America we have seen presidents who believe they are above everything.

    It will be interesting to keep an eye on Correa continues his presidency. As some say: power corrupts people.