Monday, May 12, 2014

Lama Love

Hi this is Ali. This is my first blog entry ever, so keep  your expectations low. This is my first time travelling to Ecuador. This country encompasses many different components that when totaled make this country very unique. So far since I have arrived, I have been teaching English with Ella at a Spanish school. I have truly enjoyed the children whom I am teaching. They are very smart and really friendly. I found it amusing that when I first arrived everyone was confused when I said I was Canadian. I suppose that is due to the difference in immigration between Canada and Ecuador. The children I teach are very inquisitive and ask many questions which makes each day exciting and fun. The country itself is beautiful and provides numerous types of nature. I have seen green lands and mountains. This is something I will cherish when I return to Winnipeg since we are unable to view this type of nature. We have so far done site seeing in many different places. Each place I  visit, people are very friendly and kind. Since I have met Amber, I love lammmaaassss.  I can see myself living in this type of a country. The city seems to always be alive, and there is always activities to be done. I love the group I am with. Everyone is so supportive and kind. Being the only guy is at times a bit awkward, but I have to admit I truly am enjoying my time.

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