Monday, May 12, 2014

First Week in Ecuador

       It has been one week since I have landed in Ecuador. When I landed I was amazed by the incredible view surrounding me. Mountains, trees, and beautiful sunshine. So far I have been attending schools to help and teach English. Though at first I was not sure what was expected of me, I have now considered myself a friend to the students and teachers.
      I learn from them more than they would ever learn from me. Today I was talking to the students and asked them if they thought Canada was better than Ecuador to which they replied yes. I then asked the teacher to translate for me what I was about to say in Spanish. No country is better than another, and no group of people are smarter. We are all one and what may be strength in one country, may be the shortcoming in another country. Ecuador is blessed by its natural beauty and the beauty of its people. This country reminds me so much of my home country Egypt.
     The people are so warm to one another and show affection every chance they can. There's emotion and love and passion running within this land. I am so blessed to be here and to be able to meet these people. In three weeks it will be time to go home, but I will leave with a part of Ecuador. This place will always mean something to me. As for the people, I hope they know happiness is not measured by technology or money, it is measured by the people around us, and the friendships we make and keep.

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